Life Hack: the move out clean

It’s that time to start organizing your things, packing up and tidying your space for move out!

To make sure you’re not charged for additional cleaning, here are some hacks for leaving your accommodation clean and tidy!

Once all your stuff is packed up and you finally have some clear surfaces, grab some gloves and follow these helpful cleaning hacks:



Hack 1: Room tidy
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Possibly the most obvious thing to do is make sure your room is tidy, but you also have to make sure all surfaces are wiped down, the floor is vacuumed/mopped clean, and that anything that was issued to you at the start of your stay is left clearly visible in its appropriate place.


Hack 2: Blow dry adhesive stickers
Proceed with caution when removing pictures, posters, etc. from your walls so as to not take the paint off with them. If you used adhesive wall stickers, use a blow dryer to warm the adhesive before you pull it off- it will make it easier to remove!


Hack 3: Organised team tidy up
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If you have shared living space or communal areas, it’s a good idea to make a game plan with your fellow students as to who’s going to clean what and when – some people may be leaving later than others and you don’t want the place to be left in a sad state for one person to clean up themselves.


Hack 4: Make a dustpan from a milk bottle
Take a look. It’s simple, plus you’re saving money and recycling.


Hack 5: Draining drains
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Combine baking soda and vinegar and pour it down your drain (make sure the mixture is still fizzing), leave it for about an hour or more, then flush it with hot water. You’ll have cleared drain in no time.


Hack 6: Microwave TLC
The worst appliance to clean from all those splattering ‘ding’ meals. Make it easier to clean with a small mix of half water, half vinegar in a cup & microwave for 5 mins. The steam breaks down the dirt so stubborn sauces wipe away in seconds.


Hack 7: Lingering smells
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If the meal you cooked 2 days ago is still hovering or something was left in the bin too long, boil something fragrant like citrus peels or cinnamon sticks to make the room smell fresh again.


Hack 8: Make your own cleaning solution
A teaspoon each of salt, baking soda, and boiling water is all you need for a paste that should leave your cooking surfaces spick-and-span.


Hack 9: Hoovering
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Not exactly a hack but a quick once over with the hoover will instantly make any room look cleaner!


Hack 10: Leave nothing behind
Make sure the fridge/freezer is cleared out, as well as all your bins and personal items. You don’t want to leave rubbish behind and get charged for something as silly as rubbish removal.

Just in case those aren’t enough…


Here are some cleaning quick-fixes that could be useful: 

Toothpaste – to polish a mirror and clean your sneakers.

 Socks – use a sock as a mop! Just slide around in an old pair of socks.

Coca-Cola – to clean the toilet. It’s a miracle worker. Just pour and flush for a sparkling result.

Remember, you are responsible for your accommodation’s condition when you move out. It’s best to leave it in the same state as you found it, or better.


Happy tidying!