Travel Hacks: Traveling in Greece for Cheap

Looking for a European destination that won’t completely destroy your budget? The goods news for most travelers is Europe is cheaper today than it has been in years. The even better news? There are destinations that are cheaper yet. We’ve had the good fortune to visit Athens, southern Greece, and the Greek islands. I’ll never forget the sticker shock when even at the airport a bottle of water was under E0.50!

The biggest chunk of your budget will be spent on flights but by setting up flight alerts and watching for sales you can even score great deals with this. If you can’t find an inexpensive ticket all the way to Athens, look for flights to other European cities that are on sale and then book a point to point ticket to your destination in Greece. It may be a little more work but can mean huge savings.



When temperatures are falling in northern Europe come to Athens. This ancient city is always a good place to visit though the sweltering heat of summer may turn off some travelers. There are hundreds of Athens hotels that can accommodate travelers and due to the economic issues Greece has faced recently, they are eager to fill rooms. This means good deals for you!



Santorini is the quintessential Greek island. This means you will face the issue of a lot of tourists. The best way to save money if you want to visit this island is to go off-season or in the shoulder seasons. You will be able to find an affordable Santorini hotel and you won’t have hordes of people fighting for the last beach chair.



Rhodes is a tourist island and so you will soon discover many of the island’s hotels cater to tourists seeking sun and fun. But there is more to the island and you can save money by venturing outside the main city center. There are other hotels and bed and breakfasts further afield. Do a bit of research and hire a car. It will get you away from the crowds and will give you a more authentic Greek village life experience.



If Greece had a spring break capital, Mykonos would be in the running. This island is well-known for its nightclubs and party scene. If this isn’t your thing (or even if it is) seek out smaller boutique hotels to save some money. It probably is also a no brainer to realize that cutting back on alcoholic drinks can save you money as well. Many places are not open during the off-season so you will want to pay attention when making your travel plans.

These general tips for saving money in Greece can help you make the most of your time and money. A few other quick money-saving tips include; making a few of your own meals instead of eating in restaurants, look into city cards to save on admission prices and transportation – especially in Athens, and utilize public transportation when possible.


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